Sunday, September 27, 2009

Can Anyone Explain This To Me?

I decided to do a little walking through the center of town today. Besides seeing the usual dirty old men, the infirm, a couple of filthy clowns and mothers with babies all looking for a few pesos, today I witnessed something I can not explain.  A man had a small blanket spread on the ground.  The blanket was adorned with skulls.  He had tarot cards laid out on the blanket along with some scary looking photos.  There was also some sort of figure with a skull head next to the blanket.  He handed everyone surrounding him something and then held up a glass of water and glass of Coke.  Please, can anyone explain the significance of this to me?  Was he telling people their future, and, if so, why the skulls and other stuff?  I am so ignorant.


  1. No clue! Skulls really? Neato, but weird - well, not weird for here really. Who knows :)

  2. I'm hoping someone else can answer this better...

    Sounds like he was a brujo, offering to read a person's future or possibly intercede with a dead relative, thus the skulls?

  3. Yikes, thankfully Iv never seen this either. I live in a pretty small town and I'm not sure something like this would be tolerated downtown. I look forward to see if someone can answer this one for you.

  4. Thanks for replies to all. I asked my friend, a native Mexican, and he had no clue what I tried to describe. Maybe it's a brand new scam just like the email I got yesterday telling me my google and gmail account was about to be deleted unless I send them all kinds of information.

  5. Rita -
    First of all, I love your blog.
    Second, I think it might be related to the cult to Death (Santa Muerte) that's been growing in Mexico. It does involve a lot of divination (tarot, scrying, etc.) and 'offers', which is why I think the Coke and water was for - something about sweet offerings being best.
    However that anthropology lesson is about a year old so I'll check a bit more on it, though.