Friday, July 29, 2011

More Weird Emails

I had this friend request on Facebook from this dude for a while.  I was thinking he might be someone from high school.  I remember the night of graduation whispering to my seat mates, ¨Who the hell is that?¨  We only had close to 500 in our graduating class and there were several people who walked the stage to receive their diplomas that I did not recognize.  Yes, this was in Iowa I say to the skeptics who don´t believe there are more than 500 people in the entire state. So I checked out the profile to discover there was very little information about this guy. He is self employed, born in 1961, has a total of 3 friends, and says this about himself...¨I am a gentle and easy going man, someone who knows what he wants and is very straight forward. I love worshiping the Lord and winning souls for him.¨  There is one photo of him fishing on a boat. So ya´ll are thinking, ¨Yeah, right.¨ Well, me too. I didn´t accept him as a friend right away. I was waiting to see what his wall might say. He seemed new to Facebook and I thought I would just do the wait and see approach.  About a week ago, I accidentally accepted his friendship (yes, it was accidental!) and I´ve gotten a flood of weird emails since then. No biggie. I am getting used to them.

Gregg Anderson
  • Hi Rita, how are you doing?
  • H iRita, Thanks for the friendship invite acceptance , could you add me up on yahoo so we could get to talk and know more about each other? I am really looking forward to know you more and hopefully get along with you. Stay blessed and I hope to talk soon. Gregg
Rita´s note: Seriously, who says ¨friendship invite acceptance¨and ¨stay blessed¨ unless they are from some other country let´s say like NIGERIA?  Or Germany?  I would prefer to pick on the French.  Ok, folks, read on.

  •  Where are you from?
  • Hi Rita, i am from Utah and I would like to get to know you more and hopefully even meet for us to get along. Are you a Christian? what are your interests and when are you normally online? I look forward to chatting with you soon. Do have a blessed night with sweet dreams. You are on my mind and in my prayers. Gregg
Gregg AndersonI
  • Hi Rita, How are you and how has your day been? Did you get my previous emails? I hope you are doing good, I have been waiting to hear from you. Could you please write me to let me know you are okay and doing fine? Gregg...

Rita Gervais
  • I am working on my dissertation focusing on linguistic features of African English.  Due to the spread of English to so many parts of the world which was triggered during the colonial era and by migration of English-speaking people, the importance of English not only as a language of commerce by swindling, but also as an international language of communication has been realized.
Gregg Anderson
  • Hi Rita, how are the boys doing and how did your evening go yesterday? I was hoping we could talk last night but guess we missed each other online. I would like you to send me some pictures of you and the kids and also let me know when we can talk.Looking forward to talk with you soon, have a blessed night with sweet dreams. Gregg..
Gregg Anderson
  • Hi Rita, I have your thoughts on my mind and just find it difficult to catch some sleep since i got up. I wrote you on your email sometimes back and never got a response from you. Could you please write me? mine is and don't forget the pictures aiight. Want you to know you are always on my mind and in my thoughts. Really can't wait to talk with you and i hope we can figure out getting to talk soon.Sleep tight with sweet dreams. Gregg.. 

How long should I keep playing with this dude?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weird Emails

I´ve had the same email address since the beginning of gmail time. I got to pick what I wanted with my first name, middle initial, and first letter of my last name. Since I´ve had this email address for years, it is plastered all over the internet on my facebook, blog, genealogy sites, and probably in dozens of other places I don´t even remember. So why all the sudden am I getting a rash of weird emails?  I just posted on my blog an email I received about orange stunt scooter that I ordered, in Euros I might add, and then the follow up email telling me my credit card information was no good and would I please click on the link and fill in all my credit card information. I still haven´t received the scooter.

I still get a lot of emails in the form of the famous Nigerian scams about a rich widow needing help getting her 38.72 million dollars out of her corrupt country. I still haven´t been able to collect on any of the millions owed to me for helping. Besides the emails trying to give me millions of dollars, here are a few others that I have received recently.

I had been getting emails about how I need to bring my BMW for servicing and take a survey about my new car from a dealership in Macon, GA. After several attempts of getting me off the list, I called their number and told them I was not happy with their service and could I please talk to the owner. I think they put the sales manager on the line and I repeated that I was not happy. I told him I could not take their surveys or bring my BMW in for servicing because I hadn´t received my car yet. He took my name and number and said he would get back to me. Never heard back. Never got another email. I still haven´t received my BMW.

Here´s one I got this morning. Using my excellent linguistic skills, I didn´t think it is a scam but I replied nonetheless asking Ms. Nielsen to please ask the Nigerians to deposit the money owed to me in my account. She did reply stating, in English, stating ¨sorry, this message was not for you.¨
Hej Rita

I skulle fremover få alle kontoudskrifter via Jeres netbank. (Noget, du har mailet til Jane om.) Med venlig hilsen
Helle Dahm Nielsen
Danske Bank
Seest Afdeling
Telefon +45 45 12 13 50

Also, this morning I received 2 emails about the hard drive I ordered from Novatech. This email looks legit except for two things... I did not order a hard drive and my name, the last I knew, is not Mr. Alix Dafar, the person to whom hard drive was being ¨despatched¨. (I checked online and despatch is one of those British deviant words like colour and favourite)  What is interesting is the followup email spells it dispatch and gives me a tracking number for Parcelforce. I still haven´t been told that my credit card is no good and could I please click on their link and put all of my personal information on their handy little form so they can bilk me out of thousands of dollars before I catch on I´ve been scammed.

Another email list from which I can not be removed is about politics..... in Argentina. I have enough trouble following politics in my own country. I´ll be dog-gonned if I will follow the politicians of Argentina. Marcos Fiori, if you read this, I may be calling the press and telling them about our years long love affair.  About as many years as I have been on your emailing list. The one you refuse to remove me from .

Of course, there´s all kinds of emails I receive from friends and family, especially the joke passers. I don´t mind an occasional joke, especially if it is a good one. But, geez, I know some people who will send me like 30 a day. I hope Mom isn´t reading this.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Walmart San Luis Potosi

Walmart SLP does not have:
1. Blocks of mozarella cheese. They do have little bags of mozarella cheese at $48 pesos each ($4.20 USD)
2. Ricotta cheese.
3. Any bra larger than a C cup.

Walmart SLP does have:
1. A Samsung LED 40" TV for sale for only $13,990.00 pesos which is about $1217 USD.  Sounds bad enough in pesos but over a grand for a TV of this size???? Seriously?
2. Lasagna noodles (not precooked) that fall apart when boiled.
3. Pot roast, but only 1 was available weighing .8 kilos (about 2 pounds) and cost $208.50 pesos which my handy dandy calculator tells me is $18.  That wouldn't feed me and my folks let alone the average Mexican family.

Overall I am not impressed with Walmart SLP. I prefer shopping at the local mom and pop shop located on every block and I'll just eat Mexican food. Except menudo.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Toilet Horsemen

Ladies, in case you ever see this on a bathroom door, you might not want to enter. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors where there are Toilet Horsemen?

OSHA Recordables in San Luis Potosi

One should never bite the hand that feeds you, but...

This is a shop that creates uniforms for schools and I needed to go to the bathroom.  First I trekked down the path between machines with moving parts. Then carefully tiptoed up the stairs bypassing the broken step. The bathroom is now at the opposite end of the building so I hugged the wall and walked sideways so I wouldn´t fall through the big gaping holes in the floor.  You can see my foot by one of the gaping holes.

And to flush the toilet?  I had to stick my hand inside the tank and pull the plunger up. Sorry, no photos for that one folks.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Nigerman Email

Apparently I ordered something from and, darn, my credit card is no good. So, of course, I followed the directions of this following email.  I hope whatever I ordered arrives soon. I will be waiting impatiently by my mailbox.  I highlighted in red my favorite parts for ya´ll to enjoy.

fromHockeyzentrale TEAM

dateTue, Jul 19, 2011 at 1:56 AM
subjectyour order 60825
Important mainly because of the people in the conversation.

Dear Customer,
Unfortunatelly, your payment with the creditcard didn't work.
Please notice that we don't accept any debit card. We just accept Visa or Mastercard.
Please do the payment again by using the follwing link:
or pay by using another payment method. We also offer cash on delivery (we will charge an
extra postage of EUR 14,00) or pay in advance and transfer the money to our bank account.

Account owner: Image Sport & Event GmbH
Account number: 499811
Bank code number: 25050180
Bank: Sparkasse Hannover
IBAN: DE45250501800000499811, BIC: SPKHDE2H or SPKHDE2HXXX

Another way ist the payment with paypal. In this case you have to transfer the money to:
In this case you transfer to:

Please visit for more information
We will send the ordered items as soon as we received the money.

Best regards,

Diese EMAILS bearbeiten ein TEAM bitte beachten Sie das sie den Mailverkehr
immer drin lassen! Damit wir die Kommunikation sehen können. Die Nr.1 im Inlinehockey

Image Sport & Event GmbH
Rendsburger Straße 14-16
D-30659 Hannover

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Outrageous - Woman Attacked By Dogs, Police Refuse To Charge Owner

A woman was attacked by the neighbor's 2 pitbulls in her own yard and will have scars for the rest of her life. Yet, incredible as it may seem, the McAllen police refuse to press charges as the woman wished. What does it take to have the dog owner charged?  Her death?  And I thought the police in Mexico were worthless. Now I will have to add the McAllen Police Department to that list. I'm sure this woman has had a dozen lawyers contact her by now to sue the neighbor.  An irresponsible pet owner needs to be taught a lesson and a woman needs to be compensated for her injuries and permanent scars.  Just for the record, I do not know this woman or the neighbor.  I'm just an outraged viewer of local news and couldn't believe it when the police did nothing. Please read the following story and tell me if you are as dumbfounded by the police's response as I am.