Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Walmart San Luis Potosi

Walmart SLP does not have:
1. Blocks of mozarella cheese. They do have little bags of mozarella cheese at $48 pesos each ($4.20 USD)
2. Ricotta cheese.
3. Any bra larger than a C cup.

Walmart SLP does have:
1. A Samsung LED 40" TV for sale for only $13,990.00 pesos which is about $1217 USD.  Sounds bad enough in pesos but over a grand for a TV of this size???? Seriously?
2. Lasagna noodles (not precooked) that fall apart when boiled.
3. Pot roast, but only 1 was available weighing .8 kilos (about 2 pounds) and cost $208.50 pesos which my handy dandy calculator tells me is $18.  That wouldn't feed me and my folks let alone the average Mexican family.

Overall I am not impressed with Walmart SLP. I prefer shopping at the local mom and pop shop located on every block and I'll just eat Mexican food. Except menudo.


  1. Pssshhh... you thought you'd find a D cup bra in Mexico? All they sell here is B and the hard-to-find C.

  2. I saw a $75.00 rib roast (less than a foot long) at Meijer the other day. I asked a fellow shopper, "Are we in Russia?"
    I've been away, glad to see you've moved NOB.
    Wire me $1,000 and I'll send you any bra you want.

  3. Hey Gringa, I see woman all the time that should be in a D cup. The cup runneth over is not a good look.

    Francisco, do you mean $75 USD or pesos? Neither translate as a reasonable price. And if I wire you a $1000 I expect to receive that 40¨LED TV, got it?

  4. Rita
    That was $75 U.S.D.! here in Michigan. The request for a thousand bucks, was my lame attempt at humor in reference to the Nigerian scam in your post. Also, pls let me and my gender be the judge of the cup runneth over look!
    Best Regards,

  5. Francisco,
    $75 bucks for a rib roast? That had to be marked wrong or they are trying to pull a scam. And my request for the TV was my lame attempt to pull a Nigerian scam.

  6. Stay away from Walmart, period it sucks! Also the Samsung LED 40" TV that sounds bad in Pesos? It is. It doesn't sound better in dollars because most people here don't make dollars. Electronics are expensive here, unless it's stolen. Bleh.

    I'm in SLP and I think that aside from grandma bras, ALL the stores in the state all stock bras in 34B. That's it. Are your boobs bigger than that? You get the nasty beige bras that make you have funny cone boobs. Are your boobs smaller than 24B? You get the training bras. I had to get my bras in the states.

  7. Esperanzita, You are in SLP? Do you like it there? I love it and I would love to move there. At least it isn't too far away from Texas so I could do my bra shopping.

  8. @ Crazy Rita, yeah I'm in SLP and I LOVE it here. There is a lot of ass backwards shit but more things I love than dislike. I was born and raised in MI and got tired of freezing to death in the dark for half a year.

    It's not too far from TX, you're right. I also work for a huge corporation and they send me to the states twice a year or so and it gives me a chance to save up and buy my underwear up there! ;)