Friday, July 22, 2011

OSHA Recordables in San Luis Potosi

One should never bite the hand that feeds you, but...

This is a shop that creates uniforms for schools and I needed to go to the bathroom.  First I trekked down the path between machines with moving parts. Then carefully tiptoed up the stairs bypassing the broken step. The bathroom is now at the opposite end of the building so I hugged the wall and walked sideways so I wouldn´t fall through the big gaping holes in the floor.  You can see my foot by one of the gaping holes.

And to flush the toilet?  I had to stick my hand inside the tank and pull the plunger up. Sorry, no photos for that one folks.


  1. I was wondering where this was. There seems to be a lot of "survival of the fittest" issues in the world. I remember entering Delhi International Airport and seeing guys welding pipe overhead, without eye protection, ropes around their waists and barefoot...with sparks raining down on pedestrians.

    I still like the bathroom sign best ;o)