Friday, July 29, 2011

More Weird Emails

I had this friend request on Facebook from this dude for a while.  I was thinking he might be someone from high school.  I remember the night of graduation whispering to my seat mates, ¨Who the hell is that?¨  We only had close to 500 in our graduating class and there were several people who walked the stage to receive their diplomas that I did not recognize.  Yes, this was in Iowa I say to the skeptics who don´t believe there are more than 500 people in the entire state. So I checked out the profile to discover there was very little information about this guy. He is self employed, born in 1961, has a total of 3 friends, and says this about himself...¨I am a gentle and easy going man, someone who knows what he wants and is very straight forward. I love worshiping the Lord and winning souls for him.¨  There is one photo of him fishing on a boat. So ya´ll are thinking, ¨Yeah, right.¨ Well, me too. I didn´t accept him as a friend right away. I was waiting to see what his wall might say. He seemed new to Facebook and I thought I would just do the wait and see approach.  About a week ago, I accidentally accepted his friendship (yes, it was accidental!) and I´ve gotten a flood of weird emails since then. No biggie. I am getting used to them.

Gregg Anderson
  • Hi Rita, how are you doing?
  • H iRita, Thanks for the friendship invite acceptance , could you add me up on yahoo so we could get to talk and know more about each other? I am really looking forward to know you more and hopefully get along with you. Stay blessed and I hope to talk soon. Gregg
Rita´s note: Seriously, who says ¨friendship invite acceptance¨and ¨stay blessed¨ unless they are from some other country let´s say like NIGERIA?  Or Germany?  I would prefer to pick on the French.  Ok, folks, read on.

  •  Where are you from?
  • Hi Rita, i am from Utah and I would like to get to know you more and hopefully even meet for us to get along. Are you a Christian? what are your interests and when are you normally online? I look forward to chatting with you soon. Do have a blessed night with sweet dreams. You are on my mind and in my prayers. Gregg
Gregg AndersonI
  • Hi Rita, How are you and how has your day been? Did you get my previous emails? I hope you are doing good, I have been waiting to hear from you. Could you please write me to let me know you are okay and doing fine? Gregg...

Rita Gervais
  • I am working on my dissertation focusing on linguistic features of African English.  Due to the spread of English to so many parts of the world which was triggered during the colonial era and by migration of English-speaking people, the importance of English not only as a language of commerce by swindling, but also as an international language of communication has been realized.
Gregg Anderson
  • Hi Rita, how are the boys doing and how did your evening go yesterday? I was hoping we could talk last night but guess we missed each other online. I would like you to send me some pictures of you and the kids and also let me know when we can talk.Looking forward to talk with you soon, have a blessed night with sweet dreams. Gregg..
Gregg Anderson
  • Hi Rita, I have your thoughts on my mind and just find it difficult to catch some sleep since i got up. I wrote you on your email sometimes back and never got a response from you. Could you please write me? mine is and don't forget the pictures aiight. Want you to know you are always on my mind and in my thoughts. Really can't wait to talk with you and i hope we can figure out getting to talk soon.Sleep tight with sweet dreams. Gregg.. 

How long should I keep playing with this dude?


  1. For some reason, I read everything he said in the voice of the dog, Doug, from the movie UP. It is really quite fantastic when read that way.


    Video of the dog, in case you haven't watched Up.

  3. Hello, my name is Gregg. I have just met you and I luvvvvvv you.

  4. I re-read that just so I could hear 'Doug the Dog', I don't regret those 2 minutes lost.

    Trolling him along, you might want to tell him you're also a banana expert, and they are the reason why you are an atheist. This should be entertaining.

  5. I'd go until he asks for money or a phone number. Sounds like quite a fetching lad. As long as he's a "Christian" you have to be safe :o)

  6. The voice works all the way up to the "aiight". Then he is Dr. Dre.

  7. Tell him you're anxious to start a family and need a solid commitment because you think the Lord brought you together to start reproducing and repopulate the planet after the coming pandemic which will kill the non-believers.

  8. Keep playing with this weirdo and turn him in!!!