Sunday, July 3, 2011

Outrageous - Woman Attacked By Dogs, Police Refuse To Charge Owner

A woman was attacked by the neighbor's 2 pitbulls in her own yard and will have scars for the rest of her life. Yet, incredible as it may seem, the McAllen police refuse to press charges as the woman wished. What does it take to have the dog owner charged?  Her death?  And I thought the police in Mexico were worthless. Now I will have to add the McAllen Police Department to that list. I'm sure this woman has had a dozen lawyers contact her by now to sue the neighbor.  An irresponsible pet owner needs to be taught a lesson and a woman needs to be compensated for her injuries and permanent scars.  Just for the record, I do not know this woman or the neighbor.  I'm just an outraged viewer of local news and couldn't believe it when the police did nothing. Please read the following story and tell me if you are as dumbfounded by the police's response as I am.


  1. ?Apenas llego de la pescaderia?

  2. That is absolutely ridiculous! It is a shame that she is going to have to go through a lot to try and get any kind of compensation for someone else's negligence.


  3. Not being a up on the legalistic minutiae of these things, I shouldn't comment, but yes, it does seem outrageous. One would think her word would be enough....heck, a simple accusation used enough to put humans guys in prison for life. On the other hand, this being Texas, it doesn't seem that you can hold to the same standards as elsewhere. I hope doggie-mace is legal in Texas if she stays living there...