Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weird Emails

I´ve had the same email address since the beginning of gmail time. I got to pick what I wanted with my first name, middle initial, and first letter of my last name. Since I´ve had this email address for years, it is plastered all over the internet on my facebook, blog, genealogy sites, and probably in dozens of other places I don´t even remember. So why all the sudden am I getting a rash of weird emails?  I just posted on my blog an email I received about orange stunt scooter that I ordered, in Euros I might add, and then the follow up email telling me my credit card information was no good and would I please click on the link and fill in all my credit card information. I still haven´t received the scooter.

I still get a lot of emails in the form of the famous Nigerian scams about a rich widow needing help getting her 38.72 million dollars out of her corrupt country. I still haven´t been able to collect on any of the millions owed to me for helping. Besides the emails trying to give me millions of dollars, here are a few others that I have received recently.

I had been getting emails about how I need to bring my BMW for servicing and take a survey about my new car from a dealership in Macon, GA. After several attempts of getting me off the list, I called their number and told them I was not happy with their service and could I please talk to the owner. I think they put the sales manager on the line and I repeated that I was not happy. I told him I could not take their surveys or bring my BMW in for servicing because I hadn´t received my car yet. He took my name and number and said he would get back to me. Never heard back. Never got another email. I still haven´t received my BMW.

Here´s one I got this morning. Using my excellent linguistic skills, I didn´t think it is a scam but I replied nonetheless asking Ms. Nielsen to please ask the Nigerians to deposit the money owed to me in my account. She did reply stating, in English, stating ¨sorry, this message was not for you.¨
Hej Rita

I skulle fremover få alle kontoudskrifter via Jeres netbank. (Noget, du har mailet til Jane om.) Med venlig hilsen
Helle Dahm Nielsen
Danske Bank
Seest Afdeling
Telefon +45 45 12 13 50

Also, this morning I received 2 emails about the hard drive I ordered from Novatech. This email looks legit except for two things... I did not order a hard drive and my name, the last I knew, is not Mr. Alix Dafar, the person to whom hard drive was being ¨despatched¨. (I checked online and despatch is one of those British deviant words like colour and favourite)  What is interesting is the followup email spells it dispatch and gives me a tracking number for Parcelforce. I still haven´t been told that my credit card is no good and could I please click on their link and put all of my personal information on their handy little form so they can bilk me out of thousands of dollars before I catch on I´ve been scammed.

Another email list from which I can not be removed is about politics..... in Argentina. I have enough trouble following politics in my own country. I´ll be dog-gonned if I will follow the politicians of Argentina. Marcos Fiori, if you read this, I may be calling the press and telling them about our years long love affair.  About as many years as I have been on your emailing list. The one you refuse to remove me from .

Of course, there´s all kinds of emails I receive from friends and family, especially the joke passers. I don´t mind an occasional joke, especially if it is a good one. But, geez, I know some people who will send me like 30 a day. I hope Mom isn´t reading this.


  1. I have to say, in my vast(?) internet experience, I've never heard of emails like yours. It makes an amusing blog post, but you have to get tired after a while. I used to get the variety of Nigerian scam emails, they went a way for more than a year, and suddenly there is a whole crop of Christian widows suddenly dying of cancer on my cyber-doorstep. What gives?

    Seems like anytime something new and potentially wonderful comes along, there is someone to mess with it and make it at minimum, annoying.

    Can I have a ride in your BMW when it arrives?

  2. No, Dave, but you can take a ride on my new stunt scooter.

  3. Ugh, email forwards. The worst all seem to come from my husband's sister. I chalk it up to the internet being a relatively new experience for her.