Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Nigerman Email

Apparently I ordered something from and, darn, my credit card is no good. So, of course, I followed the directions of this following email.  I hope whatever I ordered arrives soon. I will be waiting impatiently by my mailbox.  I highlighted in red my favorite parts for ya´ll to enjoy.

fromHockeyzentrale TEAM

dateTue, Jul 19, 2011 at 1:56 AM
subjectyour order 60825
Important mainly because of the people in the conversation.

Dear Customer,
Unfortunatelly, your payment with the creditcard didn't work.
Please notice that we don't accept any debit card. We just accept Visa or Mastercard.
Please do the payment again by using the follwing link:
or pay by using another payment method. We also offer cash on delivery (we will charge an
extra postage of EUR 14,00) or pay in advance and transfer the money to our bank account.

Account owner: Image Sport & Event GmbH
Account number: 499811
Bank code number: 25050180
Bank: Sparkasse Hannover
IBAN: DE45250501800000499811, BIC: SPKHDE2H or SPKHDE2HXXX

Another way ist the payment with paypal. In this case you have to transfer the money to:
In this case you transfer to:

Please visit for more information
We will send the ordered items as soon as we received the money.

Best regards,

Diese EMAILS bearbeiten ein TEAM bitte beachten Sie das sie den Mailverkehr
immer drin lassen! Damit wir die Kommunikation sehen können. Die Nr.1 im Inlinehockey

Image Sport & Event GmbH
Rendsburger Straße 14-16
D-30659 Hannover


  1. That's a new twist. I generally get the "Nigerian" scams from rich widows trying to keep their money from their corrupt governments....and of course I'm their way out. Funny how they always need a cash advance. It would be interesting to see who ultimately yields to temptation.....

  2. The language looked more German so I googled. Hannover is in Germany. Looks like the Nigerians have moved office.

  3. Scary. I just got an email the other day about a "job" which would be taking payments from other customers, but I would have to cash their payments at my bank, some such scammy sounding nonsense. And their 1st language was obviously not English either. Hmmmmm.

  4. I´ve received tons of emails like Dave said and they sound ¨Nigerian¨, but this one was different with more of a German accent. Also, I found that I had another email before I received this one about my order...

    You have ordered the following items:

    1 MGP Madd Pro Stunt Scooter Nitro - orange
    Sum: 279.79 EUR
    Discount: -0.00 EUR
    Total: 279.79 EUR

    I hope I get my stunt scooter soon. It should be a lot of fun in the streets of Reynosa.

  5. You get all the fun stuff. I just get to adopt poor Christian widows for million.