Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sergio's Sock Puppet

I found out tonight that Sergio has another skill that I didn't know he had.  He can sew sock puppets.  His daughter needed to make a rat sock puppet for school.  I figured this would be a chore automatically turned over to me, but NOOOOO... he took over the duty himself.  He threaded the needle and tied a knot with the expertise of a seasoned seamstress.  What is the male version of a seamstress?  A tailor?  At any rate, he cut up an old sock, sewed up the ends, added eyes, and a nose.  I can't give him all credit because I did the ears.  It was his brilliant idea to cut a few of the strands from the broom to make whiskers.  He wouldn't allow me to photograph him as he was sewing but I got a shot of him with the finished product laying on his head.  I was truly impressed. I'm so proud of him.