Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dialing in Mexico - How Do I Make a Phone Call?

I still have a US cellular phone but with a Mexico plan. I know it's kind of a pain for anyone with a Mexico cell phone to call me.  Sorry.  Here's a few things I've learned about using a US cell phone in Mexico. 

When I am in the US or close enough to the US and I am not roaming...
1. I can call any US cell phone as normal.
2. To call a Mexico phone, I need to dial 011-52 plus phone number including the area code (is that what it is called in Mexico, an area code?).  Example: 011-52-899-158-xxxx
3. If that Mexico phone is a cell phone, MOST of the time I need add a 1 after 52.  Example: 011-52-1-899-158-xxxx.  I did say MOST of the time because I do have a friend with a Mexican cell phone that does not require the 1 after 52.

When I am no longer close to the US and start roaming...
1. I need to dial 001 plus area code and phone number to call a US phone. Example: 001-956-566-xxxx
2. If I want to call a Mexico phone, all I need to dial is the area code plus number. Example: 899-158-xxxx.

Even when I am in Mexico City, I still need to dial the entire area code with my US cell phone.  For example, if I call my friend I need to dial 552-158-xxxx.  But apparently if you are calling from a Mexico City phone, you can drop the 55 and just dial 21-58-xxxx.  Does this apply to cell phones or just home phones?  I am so confused.  And speak of confusing, that brings up another thing... texting.

To text a Mexican cell phone no matter if I am roaming or not, I need to dial 011-52-899-158-xxxx.  Do not us the 1 after the 52.  And to text a US cell phone, roaming or not, I just use the area code and number.

I think I just about covered it.  I think I understand.  Now I am off to do some quantum physics or calculus equations, just for the fun of it.  OK, not really.

P.S.  I had to change some settings in my blog and, grrrrr, I will have to approve your comments before you can leave them.  It's not because I am afraid of negative feedback.  If you write something negative, I could care less.  I'll still publish it.  It has to do with a rat bastard thief named Edward Cadena, aka Edward Mendez Cadena, aka Edward Rhodes, aka Eddie Cadena.  He was a trusted friend and a fellow teacher until he stole from me. He can sue me for publicly calling him a rat bastard thief. I'd love to see him in court. I don't think he will because when someone is a rat bastard thief, the last place he will ever want to show up is in a court room.


  1. Sorry to hear about the betrayal. What was your first clue the rat-bastard was a crook? Was it the four aliases? If he figures out how to call your cell phone, don't answer.

  2. There was only one alias and he told me he had legally changed his name. I did see his passport so I know his true name is Edward Cadena. I also have a copy of his resume. He knows how to call my cell. We used to talk all the time. Another FYI just so that everyone knows... we were NEVER EVER romantically involved. It was never a consideration especially since he had the scummiest teeth I've ever seen. My first clue the rat-bastard was a thief was when he abandoned my dog and cat after promising to take care of them for the weekend and telling me he left the back door open. In fact, he left it wide open.

  3. comment on the other stuff...except I have a Verizon and go through the exact same really is ALOT of work to call out! You really have to stop and think about who your calling and where your at. Mind really cant save numbers...cause as soon as you need to call your mother you remember your in the US and have to go into your contact list to edit the phone number because you've added 001 in front of her number and you cant use 001 to call when your in the US. Oh goodness...what a royal mess!

  4. I have to say it´s very confusing to my Cdn friends when explaining them how to call my Telcel #. They don´t understand that if I send them a text, they can not reply to it as they must add an extra 1 to the number. They really just don´t get it. Wish I would have got a Nextel to avoid the confusion. Also, our house phone rarely works? Don´t ask me why as the richest man in the world owns the damn company! LOL!! Get it right Slim!!

    Okay, so that´s my ranting...hope you figure things out with the other rat bastard thief!!!

  5. I have a Mexican phone. Phone srvice here is EXPENSIVE!!! I recommend never getting a plan ,just use prepaid minutes. Plans seem inexpensive, but hidden fees will make you pay double whatyou expected.

    Hope everything works out ok with Eddie the asshole... Can we hear the story sometime?

  6. Yeah, telcel sucks but about as much as moviestar. And Telmex is worse. As for calling, if you call a cell phone from a home phone or vice-versa it costs about twice as much as if you call the US, and you have to add 044 or 045 depending on whether it is a "local" cell number or a LADA cell number. It is why no one in Mexico uses the phones unless they have to. With my Mexican Telcel cell phone I can send a message to my kids in the states for what a message to another Telcel cell phone costs, but I pay extra to send one to a Moviestar phone in the same area code (called the LADA here.)

    Sorry to hear about the dirty rat, thief, ex-friend. Stealing from you is bad enough, deserting the animals should get him hung.

  7. I have a question' if someone bought a phone in the us the cell will be a us number but goes to live in Reynosa Mexico would the number stay the same if there calling out or some is calling them from us. Please help

  8. While I lived in Reynosa, I was able to use my Verizon phone with U.S. phone number and remain on the towers of the U.S. side without roaming except in certain areas. However, on my recent trip to Reynosa I noticed I was roaming a lot more than I had in the past. So then answer is it depends on where you are in Reynosa.