Friday, October 8, 2010

WTF???? We've Been Threatened

I had a blog idea all lined up about food (again) in Mexico.  It will have to wait because I am going to put the word out there in case I go missing, end up dead, or, to the least, get beaten to a pulp.


I am a little pissed about it. I should be scared, but, NOOOOOOO, I am pissed off.  Here's the story...

On Wednesday, Sergio was home around 10 A.M. when someone came to the door claiming he was speaking for the comandante who, I think, is suppose to be the local head bad dude.  Sergio told him we were renters, not the owners.  The man said that our landlord is not the owner and we had until next week to get out or we would have a big problem.

WTF???  It's a good thing Sergio is much more diplomatic than I am.  If it had been me, I know would have told this asshole to go fuck himself and given him directions on how to do it.  And then I would be writing this from my grave right now, because I would be dead.  A little morbid humor always helps lighten the situation, right?

When Sergio first told me the story, I thought, "Yeah, right."   I mean, seriously, who goes around threatening people out of the homes?  What is there to gain? Did the asshole want to extort money to let us stay?  I wasn't there to hear the conversation, but I don't think the asshole asked for money. So what's the angle?  Does the asshole think he can move his narco buddies into the house?   So I talked to the landlord last night and, yes, I believe he is the owner.  His parents live next door.  He has the legal papers.  He built the house.  Maybe he owes the wrong people money?  He told me that 3 other neighbors have received the same threats.  When I told my story, I left out some details and when he told me the story about the neighbors, he filled in the same details that I knew but didn't tell him.

Now what do I think? Is this a real threat, or does the landlord want us out?  I believe the landlord is telling the truth, but, then again, who knows?  Or does the landlord owe the wrong people money?  Or are the bad guys so desperate they are running around trying to threaten people out of their homes?

I just spent a shitload of money setting up this house and now I am suppose to move? All I gotta say is WTF??  And WTF am I suppose to do?


  1. all pray for you ok. I prayed for a clear outcome and peace in your life. Hope it helps.

  2. Wow - Have you guys asked any of the neighbours if this has indeed happened to them? The sad thing you can't even call the cops!!!

    I would ask a few ppl, and see what their experiences are!! Good luck!

  3. Could they have had the wrong house? I'm kinda scared for you - Anne

  4. I'm hoping that you have taken the guys advice and gotten the hell out of there. I'm praying that you are safe and maybe moved a wee bit more south..