Friday, November 26, 2010

More Troops Have Arrived

Written by E. Eduardo Castillo , AP, " Mexico will send more troops and federal police to try to control drug violence that has spiraled into warfare in parts of the northeast along the U.S. border, the government said Wednesday. The goal of "Coordinated Operation Northeast" is to reinforce government authority in the two states most heavily affected by a surge in violence following a split between the Gulf and Zetas drug gangs, federal police spokesman Alejandro Poire said."

Uh, yeah.  They are here and all over the place. I am still working in Reynosa although I am no longer in my own apartment.  I left school today with another teacher and the road leading from the school was blocked on both sides of Hidalgo Blvd by men in camouflage. They weren't driving military type cars. They were in black SUV's. I almost said soldiers but, let me tell you, not all dudes dressed like soldiers are really military personnel.  We went to my teacher friend's home and he informed me that if the "transitos" aka traffic cops were not doing a checkpoint in his neighborhood, then the guys blocking the road were really soldiers.  He was right... no checkpoint.  Apparently these transito checkpointers are really the CDG (Cartel Del Golfo) guarding the drug lords' homes in the neighborhood. And when there is "activity" in the neighborhood, the CDG transito checkpoint guards hightail it to who-knows-where. 

Like the proverbial bad penny, they will turn up again.   

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  1. Rita-come back to the states please.