Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hmmmm. Something To Think About

The following is an anonymous comment posted on Borderland Beat about Texas as a combat zone in the narco-wars.

Why can't the US get the money the smugglers are charging? $5000 sounds like a good fee to come and work. Allow them to come for 18 months if they can pass a background check, give them a temp tax number that they have to pay into if they want to come back, we can offer them temp drivers license for work, we know where they are, and if they don't go home you floor the shit out of them.

I would be interested in knowing what the general America public thinks of this?


  1. I don't know what it means to floor the shit out of someone, but the rest sounds good.

  2. Me neither. And one should only get a driver's license if they can pass the driving and written tests.

  3. word. thats what my family has been talking about for over 10 years... the government could make a lot of money. I think its because they want all the free social security money.. and the money for the immigration prisons going to the corrupt and powerful.