Sunday, April 13, 2014

Suck It Up, Buttercup

   What!  I am suppose to wipe off tables in the school cafeteria and sweep the floor?  Me, the Spanish substitute teacher?  You mean to tell me I went to college for four years and I am now half way through to a master's degree so I could clean up after a bunch of 1st graders who can't keep half their food on the plate?  Doesn't this school have cafeteria workers to do that? I admit these questions went through my head last Friday when I found out that cafeteria clean up was part of my duties. Also the regular teacher's duties, I might add. Can you imagine what would happen if purchasing agents, journalists, or engineers were told part of their jobs was to wipe tables and sweep the floor at their places of employment?

   And then I remembered Mike Seaton, an old boss of mine back in my IT (Information Technology) days. I don't remember the circumstances but I was asked to do something that was way out of the realm of my job description. I told him, "It's not my job."   He replied back to me, "It's not my job to sweep the floor, but if it's dirty I will grab a broom and clean it."

   Well said, Mike. 


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