Monday, December 7, 2009

Brrrrrr, It's Cold

I've lived in Iowa most of my life where traffic doesn't stop when we get a little snowfall (6 inches or less = no cancellations).  I lived in Minneapolis for a few years and I can remember driving from Fargo, ND in a snowstorm that dumped 18 inches.  Minneapolis never cancels any events for any amount of snow. Ever. 

Last Friday when the temperature high was somewhere in the 40's and it rained all day, I had 7 students out of 34 show up for classes. Most northerners would call us out with shouts of "Pansies!"  

I can just hear my northern friends and family wondering what kind of pansy I've turned into.  The horror!  Highs only in the 40's?  That would be considered a heat wave in Iowa. Well, dear northerners, let me tell you the difference between Iowa and Mexico. You all have heat inside.  Most Mexican homes do not.  I was freezing most of last week. It was cold and rainy and I've been suffering from a nasty gripa with chills to the bone and a hacking cough. I swear I almost coughed up a lung. Then I discovered the air conditioning unit that was installed in my apartment is also a heating unit.  Totally cool!   I mean totally hot!  I am feeling soooo much better. 


  1. Hurray for heat! Glad you are feeling better.

  2. AGGG I know what you mean! Coming from Michigan it's like "Oooooo 40 degrees SCAAARRRYYYY." But after you've lived through 3 consecutive months of temps over 100 degrees I think the body does some adjusting. AND YES no heaters! AACK! I totally went out and bought a couple, it was just too dang cold. :)

  3. haha... in reno right now, it's 10 degrees and dumping snow. I'm not missin a damn thing!!!

    But yes, the "pansi-ness" has hit us as well... and as soon as it hits 60s, we bust out the winter coats.

    Crazy, itsn't it?!?