Friday, December 18, 2009

Fried and Refried

When I took this picture, I didn't know if was a no-no to take photos inside the store so I snapped it surreptitiously.  And don't you just love how I used a baby word "no-no" in the same sentence as "surreptitiously"?

It seems like my 2 favorite topics is about food in Mexico and driving or other modes of transportation in Mexico. I need to find more interesting topics. Anyhoo, I went to a small local grocery story in a small town nearby Reynosa.  I had met some friends for lunch and was heading back when I saw the store. I only needed to pick up a few items.  It looked like a fairly new store and everything was so neat and the milk cost about 50 pesos.  Not cheap.  It looked like a miniature HEB (that would be HY VEE to you Iowa folks) and fairly normal.  Then I got to the oil aisle.  Notice I did not say oil section.  This little country store had an entire side of an aisle devoted to cooking oil.  Next time I head to HEB, SMart or Soriana in Reynosa, I am going to check out the store size vs. oil aisle ratio.  Dang!  Is that why I can't lose the weight I've put on this past year?  Am I consuming so much you can put a rig on me and drill for oil?

I've got to stop eating out and hitting the gym more often.


  1. A donde esta tienda? Aciete...muy muy grasa...:)

  2. Hace 2 meses que les encontré a mis amigos en Diaz Ordaz. Comimos en el restaurante de mariscos. Que bueno!