Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You Know You've Been In Mexico a While When....

1. the money looks normal and no longer reminds you of Monopoly money.
2. you know where all the potholes are located in your city that are big enough to swallow donkey carts and you can drive creatively to avoid them.
3. seeing a donkey cart no longer makes you stop and stare.
4. you automatically say "gracias" instead of "thank you" even to your English speaking friends.
5. you've developed a taste for salsas with super hot chile peppers.
6. you understand the difference between the 30 taco choices on the menu.
7. you start speaking Spanglish. For example, "Let's go to cama. I'm feeling cansada. La perrita needs to go a fuera so she doesn't hacer pipi en casa."
8. you can read #7 and it makes perfect sense.

Por favor, add your comments. Me gustaría leer todos!


  1. I'm so getting #7.....yes yes sooo missing some picoso food right now! Going to the mexican restaurante manana for mi grandma's feliz cumpleanos'! whooooohoooooo

  2. - feel strange eating a meal without tortillas
    - gringos start telling you to turn the volume down
    - stop looking for silverware when eating tacos or antojitos
    - your hairdryer collects dust in between uses
    - can recognize what product is being sold in the street by it's distinct tune
    - start forgetting English words
    - season all snack items with lime, chili, and salt
    - leave the future to fate (como quiere dios) :-)

  3. When you read a menu and wonder why they say everything twice. Your husband has to point out that the menu is in English and Spanish.

  4. #7 happens to all ex-pats in other language countries at some point. When I lived on Crete after a couple of years I realized someone not speaking both English and Greek could never be able to follow the conversations because we'd jump back and forth using the "right" word from each language to express our thoughts. Still, it reminds me of the time I wanted a toothpick but didn't know the Greek word for it, so I said I needed "wood for the teeth" which resulted in a fit of hysterics among my Greek friends. After they were done laughing themselves to tears, they did tell me the right word - οδοντογλυφίδα. Yes, I actually can read that too...

  5. I got number 7 without even pausing!! and yes, it DID used to look like Monopoly money! I like the new ones for 100 and 200 pesos.

  6. I'm late to this, but...
    1. When dogs without leashes aren't alarming.
    2. Public make-out sessions aren't offensive.
    3. You don't feel like the worst person in the world after ignoring young children and old women begging.
    3. 20 year old buses decorated with graffiti and cartoon characters don't seem tacky.