Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Seedier Side of Life in Mexico

You're never too old too learn something new.  I went to Monterrey last weekend to meet a couple friends and have some fun.  They were in Monterrey because their stepfather went there for heart surgery.  They are not familiar with Monterrey just like me.  So we were searching around the bus station to find a fun bar, kick back and have a few beers.  After poking our head in a few doors, we settled on one that had a live cumbia band.  Cool.  I dressed up for the occasion.  I was wearing black dress pants, blue dressy shirt and my high heels... all of 2.5 inches.  I am somewhat tall for an American at 5'7" but that's giganormous for a Mexican.  Well, let me tell you I was severely underdressed compared to the rest of the women in the bar.  Or should I say I was overdressed?  I mean these girls barely had anything on at all.  Their dresses were so short they kept yanking and pulling them back down to cover their underpanties. It was amusing to watch the routine.  Dance, twirl, yank.  

And there were a lot of them dressed just like this.  Most were thin or at least reasonable.  A couple were just plain fat.  Then I noticed the men.  Some were young, but there were quite a few older men slobbering over these women.  I kept thinking, "Why on earth would a young woman wearing a slutty dress with 5-inch spiked heels want an old man with a huge panza hanging on them?"  

And then Carlos enlightened me.  They were working girls.  The club hires them and addition to their salary, the men pay 10 pesos a dance and buy the drinks for the girls.  So let me get this straight????  These girls get all dudded up, get paid to dance, drink free, and they don't even have to serve the drinks?  You mean to tell me all the time I went club hopping in the USA during my youth and danced with the men for free?  Geez!  I should have been charging a dollar a dance.  I could be rich now. 

P.S. Jumping for joy, jumping for joy! I got a new boiler yesterday. It's been 24 hours and it is still lit and the water is still warm


  1. Yay for the new boiler!!

    This "dancing girl" concept is new to me. Crazy!

    I've danced with guys at clubs before... trust me, having a sweaty stranger that close to you isn't nearly worth the 10 pesos.

  2. haha...... the concept was foreign to me too.... cept here in GDL,eh-hem... they're not girls. yup. chorizo y huevos.....

    congrats on the boiler!

  3. hahaha - chorizo y huevos!

    that is quite the gig, but still some gals just look trashy....what ever happened to "if you show leg, don't show cleave, if you show cleave, don't show leg"???

  4. :) LOL RITA!! They have the same thing right here in Reynosa! Chino's Tio goes and dances a couple times a month in a place just like that. For him it truly is because he loves LOVES to dance and his wife doesn't. SO, she ok's him to go off and pay for a few dances and have one beer. :) Keeps their marrige happy :D

  5. Yipee, new boiler; although you probably won't need it much in the summer. I got brave today and showered without turning on the water heater and it was fine. We never use ours in the summer, not needed at all.
    Enjoy it though.
    Have no idea of whether that have that kind of "ladies" in the bars here or not.