Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lasagna..... with jalapeños

Sergio and his daughter Angeles are here with me. That's another story and another long post for sometime in the future.  Sergio requested lasagna for dinner so I made it.  Mmmm, good.  Layers of pasta, hamburger, tomato sauce, cottage cheese, mozzarella cheese and Parmesan cheese.  Cheesy good!  Angeles made a good effort and managed to choke down some of it.  You might say it isn't exactly her favorite dish.

Making lasagna does require a little effort and dirtying a few pots and pans.  And I made garlic bread too.  It's not like I can run down to the local HEB and pick up a loaf of garlic bread. So if garlic bread is wanted with lasagna, it has to be created. I set the table, make a pitcher of mango juice and served everyone.  Ahhhh, the blessed part where I get to sit.   Then I hear, "Where's the jalapeños?"


Who eats lasagna with jalapeños?  That's just wrong.   And so is corn on the cob with mayonnaise, cheese, and chili, otherwise known as elotes.

My mom and dad arrived from Iowa last week to their home in Edinburg (about 25 miles away).  They brought some most EXCELLENT sweet corn and tomatoes from Iowa.  The first night Sergio and Angeles arrived, I made hamburgers with tomatoes and sweet corn.  I made sure they knew that this sweet corn was NOT to be eaten Mexican style, but only with butter and salt.  I totally understand why Mexicans eat THEIR corn with mayonnaise, cheese, and chili, because, as far as I'm concerned, Mexican corn (elotes) is gross and should only be eaten by pigs. The only way it can be eaten is with mayonnaise, cheese, and chili to cover up its nasty taste.  I may sound like a corn snob, but I am entitled.  The USA produces more corn than any other country in the world and Iowa is the state that has produced the most for the past 14 years.  (fact checking on - the official website of Iowa corn). Heck, we even have a corn cam where you can watch the corn grow -   Yeah, we're never bored in Iowa.  There is always something to do.... like watch the corn grow.

So to recap the lessons learned in this blog.
1. Lasagna is not to be eaten with jalapeños.
2. Sweet corn from Iowa is boiled and then slathered with butter and salt... NOT mayonnaise, cheese & chili.
3. Iowa produces more corn than any other place in the world and is so proud of this fact that they even have a corn cam.
4. Rita is a corn snob.


  1. By the way, that corn was soo good. And i must be getting used to living here or whatever because on my second piece, i added a little parmesan cheese....I know i know....bag over my head....but it was darn darn good...i just had to put a little bit on it. And you know how the hubs ate the Iowa corn? With salt solo, sin mantequilla. Yes....he asked for salt only. He's getting their, baby steps, baby steps.
    Oh please do post about your new visitors.
    I cant wait to comment!
    Because i must remind you, you are the queen of your castle. The prinsessa.....

  2. Parmesan cheese! Oh, the horror! Shudder the thought.

  3. I always get incredulous responses from Mexicans when I tell them that sweet corn in Ohio is much better than the corn here. I suppose because corn is native to Mexico they think it is impossible to prefer corn from somewhere else, let alone without mayo, chili, and Parmesan cheese...which, like Sunshine, I have grown accostumed to.

    Still love a good corn on the cob w/butter & salt though.

  4. Lasagna with jalapenos?! Almost as bad as ketchup on pizza, which is what my Mexican family likes. It's just wrong.
    Now you have me thinking about the wonderful sweet corn we used to get in central PA when we lived there, "Incredible" and "Silver Queen" were my favorites - with butter and salt!
    We have a guy who comes up our street singing, "Elo, Elo, Elotes!!" in corn season. I actually have developed a taste for his corn with mayonnaise, lime, chile, and queso fresco, but don't go thinking that's what corn is supposed to taste like.
    Mary C

  5. Leah - Mexicans do not believe me when I tell them that Iowa is Numero 1 in the world on corn production. The first time I tried corn here I spit it out with a BLCHHHH! I still can't get used to it. But I have developed a taste for eating watermelon, cucumber, pineapple & jicama with lemon and chili. The first time I saw this, I thought it was really disgusting.

    Mary C - I've heard about the Mexicans using ketchup on pizza. In fact, Sergio likes it. BLCHHH. In Iowa, our best corn is called 'Peaches and Cream'. I wish I had more but we've eaten it all.

  6. My freshman roommate at MIT was from Burlington. His grandparents overnighted corn on the cob for our 10th reunion last week. All agreed it was the best part of the meal and the sweetest corn we ever had.


  7. LOLOLOL you totally ARE a corn snob and it IS SO YUMMY with mayo and chile and cheese!!! IT'S DELICIOUS Miss COBBY SNOBBY!!! ;D

  8. Rita - I think you covered all the points perfectly amiga!!!! Yes, corn here is terrible, and I really, really don't like the taste of it with mayo. Or else it's the thought of it?? Can't get over it.... I agree, they are masking the terrible taste of corn with the mayo and chili! LOL!!

    Ever heard of Taber corn? Google it. Very, very good sweet corn. DEF not huge producers, but thats what makes it soooo special....mmm...i miss corn! LOL!!

  9. Rita I loved reading this post. We actually have a friend here who request for me to make Lasagna all the time. His wife acts like its just to hard to make. lol And so far they haven't defiled it with jalapiños. My mouth is watering over your sweet corn, even though I love the corn on a stick with mayo cheese and chili.