Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Iowa - The Land of Tall Trees and Tall People

I'm an Iowan - Idiot Out Wandering Around Nowhere.

That joke was told to me by a good friend who happens to be from Minnesota.  You know why Iowa is so windy?  That's because Minnesota sucks!   JAJAJAJAJA (LOL en espanol)

I arrived in Iowa today.  I drove my parent's Ford Explorer while my dad drove the big moving truck. They are in the process of moving to Edinburg, Texas.  The first night we stayed in Ardmore, Oklahoma at the Bedbug Motel 6. It was nasty and I would give it a 0 star rating because the sheets and blankets were stained. We spent the night at my cousin Sherri's house in Knob Noster, Missouri last night. That was fun. It was a Culberson gathering with cousins Candi, Kelli, Jordin, Shane, Anna, Ham and kids. Oh, yeah, I meant to say Jordin, my first cousin, once removed. (hahaha, inside joke - she'll get me for it the next time we get together).  We told stories or made confessions about rotten things we have done in the past.  We told stories about my sister Lynn, who died tragically in a car accident this past winter.  I confessed how my sister Deana and I many years ago trained our Maltese dog  to attack Lynn.  It sounds worse than it really was even though Lynn would jokingly claim she needed years of therapy because we had traumatized her for life. OK, I admit to feeling guilty, just a little. But, dang, it was funny when that 8 pound dog would chase Lynn up the steps and then stand guard so she couldn't come down the steps.

So here I am in Cedar Rapids. My parents have a huge maple tree in the front yard. At one time they had a willow tree that seemed to be as tall as the clouds. All trees in Reynosa are dwarfs. Tonight I was walking around Hy Vee, the local grocery store, and marveling at how tall everyone is. I am only slightly above average in the height department here in Iowa which means I am a half-foot taller than everyone in Mexico.  It must be all the corn and pork products that we consume in Iowa that makes us grow so tall. Or it's the lack of fear of a gun battle in our neighborhood.

I will be returning with tomatoes and sweet corn.  And nobody will dare to put mayo, cheese OR chili on my good ol' Iowa sweet corn.


  1. I'm 5'7 and everyone here thinks I'm tall. Mexicans consume a ton of corn too, but maybe the chili, cheese and mayo have adverse affects to vertical growth. :-)

  2. I'm 5'6 and here in the land of the Mayans I'm a giant.

    Oh, "esquites"... how I hate the smell of them hahaha.

    Have fun in Cedar Rapids!

  3. I forgot that the "pig feed" that Mexicans consume is a form of nasty corn. (uh-oh, the corn snob strikes again).

    Esquites? I had to look that one up to discover it is the same as elotes which goes to prove you are never too old to learn.

  4. I'm tall in the US at 5'10"...you can only imagine alta is guaranteed to follow ANY introduction on my trips to Mexico!! jaja

    amber h. charlotte, nc

  5. ok, i promise i wont put parmesean cheese on it this time. I PROMISE!

  6. I am another gringa in reynosa- i requested to be friends on facebook too... i would love to hang out if you are still here. ersommo at gmail.com