Friday, February 4, 2011

Freezing Ass, Bone Chilling Cold


I'm cold.  Under 3 blankets with 2 space heaters.  I looked at electric blankets in Texas a couple weeks ago in Texas. I thought to myself I won't use it when I come back to Texas permanently so I didn't buy one. I am paying for it now. 

I woke up this morning and looked outside.  Everything was covered in a sheet of ice. This is not the norm here.  My old pickup truck has no heat and, therefore, no defrost. So the other foreign teacher, Mr. Hardcore I'm Never Late or Miss a Day of Work, went to school by taxi this morning and sent me a txt.  Basically, no one is there.  I would head for Texas but according to the news reports, all the highways that I need to take are closed.  

Yesterday I wrote on Facebook all about how only 2 of 26 students showed up for school even though our school has heat.  They're a bunch of wimps (24 of them anyway).  When I was a kid in order to get to school I had to walk 5 miles in 6 feet of snow uphill... both ways.  And the story got bigger when Mr. Hardcore Teacher souped it up by claiming I did this barefoot and had to step in fresh cow pies to warm up my feet.  The kids were in awe until one smarty asked, "Miss, if you walked uphill to school wouldn't you be going downhill on the way home?"  I thought kids were suppose to believe everything their teachers shoveled at them??? 


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