Wednesday, February 9, 2011

UPDATE on The Party Is Over Reynos-hell

While I sat waiting for a tow truck tonight because some fucking asshole tried to steal my old, beat-up truck at the Periferico Mall in Reynos-hell and fucked up the lock on the door and really fucked up the starter, I got to hear gunshots and witness cars, trucks, and police cars tear through the parking lot in pursuit.

I'm in Texas now.

UPDATE:  The truck is in the shop on the Texas side.  When it is all said and done with repairs and lost time at work, I will lose about $500.  And for what?  The asshole didn't even steal the truck even though when he got through with it he could have started it with a screwdriver.  I guess I should consider myself lucky that the truck wasn't stolen.


  1. Barb - At this point in time, that is a good question. I can not keep putting money into a truck that is only worth maybe $2500. I am not going to keep working in Reynos-hell to support a truck.

  2. Your new title suggests you've left. I feel sad that your life in Mexico didn't work out, but relieved that you're out of that crazy situation.

    Good luck to you, girl.