Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Zoo Anals

I'm back in Texas, temporarily, where running around in shorts and flip flops in December days are numbered. I guess I could still do it in Iowa if I don't mind frostbite and toes falling off.  The boys are in the care of my sister Deana who is impatiently (and rightfully so) counting the minutes until my arrival. Yesterday she started her day at 5:30 AM yesterday and finished at 10:30 at night while I write this... wearing shorts and flip flops. The cavalry is coming to the rescue.  OK, it's just me, my Mazda MPV, Miss Daisy Dog, and Mr. Sam Katze ashes.  Yes, I am bringing home my cat for burial in Iowa. When I get back to Iowa I need to do a serious blog overhaul and update to reflect my new life. Any ideas for a title?  It will probably include lots of cute and gushing mommy-like praise for things like this story my 7-year-old nephew wrote.  The translation is below the picture.

"If I caught a turkey I would take it to the zoo and the turkey will have a great good life. It will be a zoo animal."

This is a keeper. That turkey must have been injected with steroids or the people are midgets. And thank goodness for my teacher's training at the university where I learned how to translate 1st - 6th grade spelling plus two years of experience in Mexico for deciphering inventive spelling. Unless Alex really meant that the turkey should be a "zoo anal".

It's been a while since I raised young'uns. Ah, yes, my nephews will be new fuel for my blog writing but I still hope to sneak in some reminiscing about the good ol' days in Texas and Mexico.


  1. That story is adorable. Kids are so precious. I'm looking forward to your gushing mommy-like praise.

  2. Love it! Kids say (and write) the best things. Can't wait to read more about your new adventures.

  3. How about calling your blog, "Oh Shit! I'm Living in IOWA!"

  4. This put a huge smile on my face!