Thursday, February 9, 2012

Remember The Teachers For Valentine's Day

I knew it was coming.  Valentine's Day.  The little one came home with the obligatory class list so he can give a card to everyone.

"No," I tell him, "you can not just give a card the classmates that you like.  Yes, you must include the girls." 

The little one has finished addressing the cards for his 1st grade class and tonight we made little presents for the teachers. We bought everything at Dollar Tree for less than $9 and made 18 of these.  I already had the ribbon and I thought I had a big heart punch but I couldn't find it so I used my apple punch instead. 

1. Using cupcake papers, I stuffed them with mint candies. When I teach I like these for a little breath refresher.  
2. Put a pencil in the center. 
3. Wrap with cellophane using ribbon to tie.  Curl the ribbon.
4. A heart punch would have been better for this Valentine gift, but apparently I only have a little one so I used my apple punch instead. 
5. Force child to write who it is from.
6. Use cellophane tape to attach to pencil

and VOILA!

I am done with the Valentine stuff this year.  I have a whole year to plan for next year. I am that organized. Yeah, right.  


  1. Adorable. So much nicer than the cheesy boxed cards that most kids get.

  2. And any leftovers would make great cat toys.

  3. Those are so cute, and they look easy to make. I may have to do this with my 2nd grader for his class. Thanks for the idea.

  4. Actually his classmates are getting the cheesy boxed cards but they come with tattoos and we taped tootsie pops with each card. These we made are for teachers. I didn't want to give the teachers a cheesy card with a tattoo. But they are cheap enough to make for an entire class so go for it!

  5. Now I know you are funny and crafty!!!