Monday, April 2, 2012

Tapeworm's Lover

The name Miss Daisy Dog sounds refined and proper, but dogs are dogs and they eat disgusting things found on the ground or in the cat litter. So while diligently picking up her poo on a recent walk (this ain't Mexico where crap can be left where it may land), I discovered the tapeworm.  Off to the vet with a sample and was quoted "321" for meds.  Wasn't quite sure how to interpret that. $3.21 or $321?  Having been out of the country for a while, I have no grasp on the reality of vet cost except knowing it is a lot more expensive in the states. The United States of America, not the States United of Mexico. FYI, it was $3.21.

The tapeworm brought back a memory of one of my 5th graders from two years ago in Reynosa. We were reading a story about Jane Goodall, who believes that all animals have a place in the world and should be respected.  I just finished reading a Goodall quote about how she concedes that some animals are hard to love, like the tapeworm, when Omar piped in with, "Yeah, except maybe to the tapeworm's lover."  It went over most of the student's heads or maybe some didn't hear Omar say it. But I did. I stopped in mid sentence and just gave Omar the quizzical teacher's look.  You know the look. One eyebrow raised with piercing eyes. Omar flashed a million dollar smile back and I lost it.  I laughed so hard, I had teary eyes. Thanks, Omar, for the great memory. 

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