Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ode To Iowa Corn

Oh, how I long for,

your honey and cream.

With every bite,

I want to scream.

Please just boil it,

in very hot water.

Followed by a slathering

of rich, creamy butter.

With a little bit of salt,

the taste is like no other.

No mayonnaise or chile,

will touch one kernel.

Or all miscreants shall face the wrath,

of the damned infernal.

And to the south of the border,

should you ever go.

Don't drink the water,

or eat the corn of Mexico.


  1. That is the way I like my corn! Butter, salt, and sometimes i'll dip it in ketchup. Can't get into the mayo thing.... (although I'm sure people would give me weird look seeing me dip it in ketchup)Lol

    1. Sigh... I have to add a no ketchup rule to the Iowa corn.

  2. You are so right, the corn in Mexico is aweful. Not sweet and so dry. I think that is why they lather all that crap on it. I live in Mexico now, and sweet corn is one thing that I miss the most.