Sunday, September 19, 2010


I'm fuming so it's a good time to post another blog, right?  I had friends over on Friday night. I won't say who because all of them except one are innocent.  I've had my share of rat bastard thieves like Eddie but this one really ticks me off because I thought these were my trusted friends.

I am missing a container with Bella Pierre makeup.  Seriously, folks, who steals makeup?  Apparently one of my friends didn't think I would miss it.  This makeup belonged to my sister who is now deceased so it was special to me.  No, I didn't misplace it. It's always in my makeup basket in the bathroom and goes right back after I use it.

It's a choice of one of the 5 women (or three men) who were in my house. Now I am suspicious of everyone that was here and that's not fair.  Seven of them don't deserve to be clouded with suspicion, but that's what is going to happen whenever I see one of them.

Whoever stole it, I hope you go to hell along with Eddie (aka Edward Cadena, Edward Mendez Cadena, Edward Rhodes... I just wanted to make sure I get his name out there again so everyone knows he is a thief and no one should employ or trust this jerk.)

P.S.  After rereading, I realized I need to add this post script.  Many people know I have several gringa friends here in Reynosa who also write blogs.  They were NOT at my house on Friday.  I want to be clear about that!


  1. Well last night was pure Mexicana in mi casa...complete show down....I'm surprised the guy stayed....i thought he would get up and walk out and take a cab home or something.....It goes to prove here in Mexico that you cant trust a mexican. You gotta be super careful....real careful. And i say this from having been in the same's bad enough someone steals your stuff...but then to think it could of been a so called friend.

  2. It was an uncomfortable situation. I told Sergio to get him out of the house. I didn't know he was going to bring him and the family inside. I don't know the full story, but I don't trust him. I'm a little hard headed but slowly I am becoming jaded and I don't want anyone in mi casa except you, Lindy, Linda, my family and a few select others like Matt and Tim.

  3. I can't believe what some ppl will do, or take. It's sad, especially when they are supposed to be your friends!

    Back home in Canada I had a friend who we like to call clepto, take things like my hair straightener, bottles of perfume, make up, food, etc... SERIOUSLY. It got to the point they were never invited over!!

    Then here, well I had my ex-maid still a shit load from me. I'm still not over some of the things....

    I hope your "friend" gives it back to you...

  4. Rita, I share your plight. I realized after about a year here than I can't trust anyone, sadly, not even some family members with my things left out. The temptation is just too much for their exceptionally sticky fingers. Hide your things always when they come over.

    On the bright side, you are so lucky to have good gringa friends that you can trust in the same city. I cannot trust anyone here except my gringo family when they visit and a few on the Mexican side.

  5. When I first moved to Mexico, a friend stole my camera from my house. The next day, I politely asked for it back. The following day, she gave it back to me. We continued to be friends :)

    Try not to lose friendships with the other people who were invited over just because you can't find out who it was!!

  6. I can understand putting away a laptop, iPod, cameras, etc. But I never dreamed I would have to put away my makeup. Anyway, it's not so much the fact someone stole my makeup, which I can replace for $36, but that I will be paranoid about everything that isn't nailed down in the house. I've been hearing too many stories from others about things that have gone missing... jewelry, cellular phone, and money just to name a few things. And I have my own horror story about a fellow teacher named Edward Cadena who cleaned me out. I work too hard for so little money here in Mexico that I don't need "friends" who would take things from me after I've fed and entertained them. Maybe I'll change my mind in the future, but right now I think I will just keep the house closed to anyone who I don't trust completely.

  7. Rita, I have to put away kitchen towels, silverware, tupperware containers, nail cutters and batteries. At first I didn't think much of it because these things don't cost much, but it wasn't long before I tired of constantly having to replace these things. I started confronting people (mainly a few select family members) and taking things back. Those who take bet on you not having the nerve to confront them. When you do they are shamed and won't do it again (or as much) b/c they hate the confrontation. Just the way it is here, sadly.