Saturday, September 25, 2010

Is this a sidewalk or a stairmaster workout?

I had to start walking again even though this is a scary proposition in Reynosa. My CVI (chronic venous inflammation) is acting up again in my left leg so I need to get out and get my circulation going. The best way is to walk.

And getting around Reynosa is exercise.  Just like the stairmaster at the gym.


  1. I had to give up heels when I moved to Cancun. :(

  2. OMG...Mexico has some of the worst streets I've ever seen in my life....You'd think the ones in Cancun would be better? Nope. We have our ex-mayor to thank for that!! Oh well, he's now in jail under suspicions he stole 800 million pesos from the taxpayers of Cancun! Who needs streets anyways! LOL!!