Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New House Photos

The house is still a wreck but getting better day by day.  Yes, I had kitchen cabinets when I moved.  I still had to bring over a free standing cabinet because I've got too many gadgets.... not that I use them much. I am not a big time cook.  It's like a rule... when women hit 50, they retire from cooking. My mom always cooked but gave it up for her 50th birthday. I must have hit 50 about 20 years ago.

Anybody have any ideas on what to do with the yard??  It's nothing but dirt.


  1. It looks sooooo much nicer than most things I see here! Very well done :) I like the living room.

    I say gravel in the backyard, but have some green areas and flowers in there as well.

  2. I actually think the yard looks great!! Is that a gazebo??!!

    Anyways, looks great!!!!! Congrats :)

  3. yup, that's a gazebo. i think they call them palapas here because of the thatched roof. makes a great clothes line too!

  4. Your house is not a wreck, Rita! Maybe I should see more of those to know what your new house really looks like. As for your yard, just make it SIMPLE. You can also add ornaments like plants and patio furniture. =))

    Shane Adams =D