Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Parlez vous francais?

For about a month I've seen several motor homes and travel trailers all with Quebec license plates rolling up to the border of Texas from Mexico. Sometimes they travel in caravans. Sometimes solo. Apparently the Québécoise never received the travel warnings about Mexico like the Americans did. The Americans are staying away in droves. Hardly any are even willing to cross over into Progreso, the touristy little village on the border with a pharmacy and dentist every two feet.   Perhaps the travel warnings about Mexico are over zealous? Perhaps the Mexican road patrol trolls could not care less about the French Canadians just like the rest of the world?  Or maybe the Mexicans won't bother with them because of their direct rudeness and arrogant demeanor  spoken in a warped version of the French language?  I vote for reason #3.  Therefore, I am going to try responding with very bad French every morning the Mexican soldiers stop me as they have done every single morning this week. Maybe they will usher me away faster so I will not be late for work.

Signed Rita (Au Contraire) Gervais