Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bridge Bumper Cars

I had a friend who once told me she didn't want to get on my bad side.  Well, Mr. Driver Dickhead of a transport van on the Anzalduas International Bridge, you got on my bad side. The left side. Where there was no lane. What made you think you could forge your own lane and then try to bump me out of the lane I was sitting in for at least 10 minutes?  And then you throw your hands at me like it was my fault?  Congratulations, Mr. Dickhead, you made it on my revenge list. Since I wasn't in a big hurry to get home, I told the border patrol agent that you hit me. It was obvious because I've got black smudges on my truck where your right mirror was pushed in. Both of our cars were flagged and we had to pull over.  If you had apologized, I would have let it go. The damage wasn't that bad. I have an old truck. It's got marks and dings. But nooooooo, Mr. Dickhead claimed it was my fault because I didn't move over and let him in. Hey, buddy, I had no where to move and I waited in line for my turn. I didn't come barreling past the cars behind me in an unauthorized lane. The border patrol agent asked me if he should call the police to make a report. Darn right!  It only took the police 30 minutes to arrive and about another 30 minutes to make a report. So that means the people sitting inside your transport van had to wait all because you were in a big-ass hurry and tried to cut into my lane illegally.

I might let it go at that. It's probably not worth pursuing any further. The police report won't be ready for 3-5 days and then I have to contact my insurance company to contact Mr. Dickhead's insurance company. Here are the pictures of the truck.  I would like to hear the opinion of all in Bloggerland who read this. Should I take this to the Supreme Court on principle?  Or just grumble and let it go?


  1. It's highly unlikely that you're the first person he's dinged in such a manner. But you might be the first person to take him to task via the judicial system. Might teach him a lesson. Or not.

  2. I saw someone do this once in the US. Bumper to bumper morning traffic... Dude was behind my car, then pulled out and drove off down the shoulder.

    Two miles down we saw him parked on the shoulder, still trying to find someone to let him in. HILARIOUS.

  3. I used to work in auto insurance and no you shouldn't let this go. If we keep letting these things go the asshole drivers' will continue to be ahole drivers! I mean we can only change one at a time, but even if you don't pursue a claim put one into his insurance company for the heck of it.

  4. Sue him! Er, forget about it about don't waste your time. No way, Jose! Teach him a lesson! Sorry, I guess I'm not much help here.

  5. You go girl ! Do what ever makes you happy ! If the tables were turned he would be crying crocodile tears and taking you to court instead.

    Best of luck

  6. loved his nickname in this post! tell it like it is sista!!