Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm Sure They Are Plotting Some Sort Of Revenge.

Daisy, Minnie and Sam
It's not too often I catch all 3 together. I think they are plotting something to take me down all because I dared to groom them. Their looks show exactly how much they appreciated my efforts. Especially the one in the middle with the demon eyes. Miss Minnie normally jumps on my bed for love and attention. Today after the bath she jumped on my bed and growled at me. And the Sam Cat is telling me where to go and how to do it. Miss Daisy, normally the affable one, won't even look at me.

I wonder what my fate will be?  While they put their diabolical plan together to eliminate me at least they will look and smell good with trimmed hair and toenails.


  1. HaHaHa i think that is to cute my to dogs lilly and mimi are the same way but they have to be cared for even if they dont care for it.Nevada.

  2. All I can say is: It was nice knowing you. I think you are dead meat.

  3. We had a Lola that looked just like your Minnie. Unfortunately, the neighbors' pit bull escaped from their villa and ripped her in half. It was so sad and my daughter saw everything which made it even worse.

  4. Sam Cat looks especially pissed. I think you're safer in

  5. Nevada, it is soooo expensive to go to the groomers, right? So once a month I take a half day to do it.

    Hi Karen, I'm still here but who knows for how long.

    Jackie, Sorry to hear about Lola. One of the construction workers at my parent's home has renamed Minnie to Lolita.

    Barb, All I can say is... LMAO. So true.

  6. LOL~! Great post! Sometimes, I think my 2 cats are plotting against me as well.