Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How The Term "Flying Dryback" Now Replaces The Ethnic Slur "Wetback"

I don't normally blog about my students other than in general terms, but this is just too funny not to make a comment.  Next week we are having a science fair and all primary students have to come up with a project that is testable by using the scientific method. One student's proposal is inventive, to say the least. I shall call this student "Jay". In this process, the students need to ask a question.  Paraphrasing Jay's question, this student wants to know how one can pass to the USA illegally without getting wet crossing the Rio Grande River.

The question piqued my interest. The plan is to "invent a computer algorithm to cross the river without getting wet."  Jay plans to build a model catapult to demonstrate.  Jay wraps up the research by stating... My hypothesis is we can throw someone to the USA across the Bravo River (Rio Grande) and land in something soft like a bed in a precise location and change the term of wetback for the better one of "flying dryback". 

Stay tuned folks. I'm dying to see how this will turn out.

UPDATE on the flying dryback story:  Although Jay's premise was good, I'm afraid his hypothesis, data anaylsis, and conclusion were lacking so he didn't win the competition. But he did build a model catapult and attached it to his 3-fold display board which he demonstrated by flinging plastic people towards a target.  For creativity, he got the maximum in points. I expect great things to come from this student. 


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  2. Tongchen said exactly what I was going to say.

  3. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA please keep us posted on this!

  4. Having first come to Mexico by airplane from Houston, and starting work without a proper visa, I guess I was once a REVERSE flying dryback. Coool!

  5. what an inventive and creative young guy!