Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Bullet By Any Other Name Wouldn't Kill As Sweet

I had completely forgotten about this bullet that I had found on the streets of Reynosa over a year ago. At the time we didn't have daily shootouts. It seemed a little odd to find a bullet on the street, so I shoved it in some basket at home and promptly forgot about it. Until today.  I was cleaning out and repacking all my junk that I brought home from Reynosa when I ran across it.  I'm not exactly a bullet expert but it seemed a little odd looking to me. I stuffed it in my pocket and then went out to dinner with the folks where we met a good friend of mine named BG. He looked at the bullet and said it was a Winchester S&W Black Talon hollow point bullet. When it hits the flesh it makes a small hole and then expands and rotates until it exits the size of a baseball. Yikes!  By the way, BG does not stand for 'bad guy'. Those are his real initials and he is a good guy but why does he know so much about bullets?  He is a native Texan so I don't need to explain more, do I?

Now I'm wondering if I should be concerned about a potential dangerous projectile sitting on the shelf next to my perfume. I started to do a little research on the internet.  Wikipedia site was full of big words some of which I understand (expansion, penetration), some I don't (hydrostatic shock).  And here is a little chart on this website where the only thing I get from it is brain injury is possible or probable.

Thank goodness for Mythbuster's episode about exploding bullets.  They can explain scientific things to me in language I can understand. Basically, when it comes to bullet safety, I shouldn't put a bullet in the oven and bake it like a pie. I probably shouldn't throw it on the campfire and roast it like a weenie either, but, according to Mythbusters, it probably wouldn't be lethal.  Maybe I should get rid of the bullet.  It is possible that if I am too dense to understand the Wikipedia technical mumbo jumbo I might be tempted to bake a Winchester S&W Black Talon hollow point bullet pie some night when fueled by a few rounds of tequila.


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