Saturday, May 14, 2011

100 Ways to Die

I stumbled across this website Top 100 Ways to Die while reading a favorite website The Darwin Awards. To those of you not familiar with the latter, in order to make the grade you have to die in some spectacularly dumb fashion or at least not be able to contribute to the gene pool of society.  I guess I have a warped sense of humor. My favorite on the Top 100 is No. 81, the balanced diet. The food pyramid is pointy and dangerous. Just ask my son Eric. He claims that fruits and vegetables are what "food" eats.

Recently on Children's Day we took all of primary students to the movie theater.  (We don't have this holiday in the USA because we all know that everyday is children's day.) During the commercials before the movie, one ad warned about dengue fever and how to stop the transmission.  Don't leave tires around your home to collect standing pools of rainwater to make breeding grounds for mosquitoes assuming that it will rain here some day. It hasn't in months. And since I have never been warned of dengue fever on the Texas side, I am assuming the Rio Grande River must provide some sort of barrier to prevent the transmission.

During the movie I slipped out to the bathroom where there was a huge poster warning me about cholera.  The sign says make sure that fish and seafood are cooked well. It should warn DON'T DRINK THE WATER IN MEXICO but then anyone with a half a brain knows that.  Mom is always warning me not to eat anything in Mexico that wasn't heated to a 1000 degrees  I'd like to see a Darwin Award given to an idiot, like me, who has dared to consume fresh fruits and vegetables. I'm living dangerously.


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