Sunday, May 29, 2011

Celebrating 100

100 times I've posted on my blog.  I should celebrate.  It doesn't usually take much for me to celebrate.  On Talk Like a Pirate Day, I celebrated at the local pub while saying witty things like, "Aye, mateys! Arghhh!"  Just as long as the beer is cold I am happy.

So here it is. My 100th post.  And it is a sign that is in Hidalgo, Texas, just short of the Mexican border.  Yes, I am concerned about the devastation caused by oil spills so don't be sending me hate mail accusing me of being an environmental-unfriendly insensitive boob. What I find odd about this billboard is it is located in an area where probably more than 50% of the folks do not read English. And of the 50% that might be able to read English, I wonder how many of them have lain awake at night with worry?  Can I call the hotline to report that I feel devastated because it never occurred to me that I should feel so bad that I need to call them?  More than once I've been tempted to call the hotline just to ask if this billboard was strategically placed in this location to repair the tarnished, oily image of BP.  

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