Friday, June 10, 2011

Buy It or It Will Be Blown UP

1998 Ford F150, V8, POS with no extended cab. Has 157,000 miles.  Uses a lot of gas and oil.  All scratches, dents, and rust included for free. Left front tire needs air filling about once a month.  I'm guessing it needs a new temperature gauge or something because when I sit on the bridge too long it will overheat. It is fine as long as the truck is in forward motion. Has a temperamental starter so it was rebuilt today.  Also has a fairly new switch and door lock due to some thieving creep who tried to steal it in Reynosa. No key for passenger door due to the original and only key was broke off inside the switch because a good Samaritan tried to help me out when truck was broken into in Reynosa. The heater doesn't work so it can be frigid driving in the winter. It does have new brake pads in front and the rotors were turned recently because it was going WUMP WUMP WUMP every time I applied the brakes. Also has a fairly new battery because it refused to start one icy morning in February.

Still interested?  Why?


  1. See if you have any friends with access to dynamite and caps and I'll help you rig it.

  2. Dear Anonymous, Not that any of my friends have any, but I am sure there is a stash of grenades in Reynosa. I've heard them go off at various times and locations. I'll see what I can do about getting a hold of one and then we can hold a blow up my truck party.