Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Big News Day

I can't decide which is bigger news to lead in the big news day so I will start in order in which things happened.

Mexican soldiers are taking over police duties in Reynosa.  I saw them today.  The soldiers are fashionably dressed in black and riding around in municipal police trucks.  I'll have to check with my sources to see if the Vista Hermosa neighborhood and its drug cartel members are still being guarded by members of the new police force.  I'll also check if the infamous drug corner is still paying out members of the police force to remain in business.  Maybe I'll drop in to the local municipal police substation to find out if the police commander is still extorting requesting donations to pay for his daughter's quinceaƱera.  Er, nope, on second thought I'll scratch that last one off the list.

And the other big news today is it rained the first time since September. I was confused at first when I saw wet stuff falling from the sky.  Long term memory recall took over and I remembered that it was called rain. Buckets of rain. I thought that the ground would be so parched it would suck it up faster than it came down. Nope. Even the earth around us forgot what to do with rain and the water just sat there in giant lakes all over the valley. Our school yard became the school swimming pool.  The evil plan I had concocted was foiled by the rain.  Today was the last day of school for students and I bought a bunch of candy for bingo prizes.  I planned to sugar-up the kids and send them home to their parents to drive them crazy. Muahahahahahaha.  My plan backfired when the thunderstorm rolled in and the electricity was cut off at 1 PM for the rest of the afternoon.  Without electronic gadgetry or even sufficient light to play board games it was tough to keep the sugar-filled kids from bouncing off walls.  I was ready to send them out to the swimming pool while it was thundering and lightning.  I created my own monster but I survived another day to make it back to Reynosa tomorrow.  Unless the former police commander is out looking for me.


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