Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An Impala Up My Wazoo

I was at a stoplight in Edinburg this afternoon and got rear ended hard. The truck, which shall be known from now on as "The Tank", didn't have a scratch. Unbelievable. The Impala that hit me had a pretty messed up bumper from my hitch. However, the impact made me hit a big 'ol unmarked Expedition. I didn't realize I had hit a deputy until he climbed out his SUV in uniform and badge.  So there I was sandwiched between two vehicles and I felt an electric shock in the middle of my back. Now there is an Edinburg Police Dept. report AND a County of Hidalgo report. By my estimation, 3 Edinburg cop cars, 3 deputy cars, and one ambulance showed up for the small fender bender.  My back is bit hurt, but I am taking pain meds.  I'm woozy as I write this.  Slurred speech, glassy eyes, and the inability to hold two thoughts together makes it, well, only slightly less than normal for me, right?   I'll proofread this tomorrow just to see how goofy I am tonight. Everyone was really nice and the guilty party was wearing a rosary, called me ma'am, and has insurance. The deputies and cops were very kind and efficient. Thank God it happened on the Texas side.  I don't even want to think about what would have happened on the other side. 


  1. Oh no! Did you see a doc? Slurred speech isn't a good thing.

  2. Hi Barb, the slurred speech is the indirect result of seeing a doctor who gave me a prescription for some pretty good sh!t to take my mind off my aching back. Might be good stuff to take tomorrow while I put up with hyper, antsy children who can't wait for school to be done.

  3. Oh, ok. You had me worried.