Sunday, June 19, 2011

If They Were Bald, They'd Look Like Mr. Clean

Every morning I see a group of middle school boys walking to school (not my school) in Reynosa wearing all white.  White shirt, white pants, white belt, and white shoes.  Not just Mondays when all schools in Mexico have Honors (flag parading and patriot song singing like our Pledge of Allegiance and singing Star Spangled Banner)  They wear this uniform Monday through Friday.  Now I'm thinking like a mother, not a teacher.  What sadistic school official came up with the brilliant idea for boys to wear all white school uniforms?  Obviously not anyone who ever raised boys.


  1. Probably someone who didn't raise *any* kids. Or someone who didn't have to do laundry. I have all girls and it would have been a frosty Friday before I would have ever put them in all white.

  2. My kids' kindergarten used to have an all white uniforms that they had to wear everyday. I couldn't help but think the school was insane to have little 4, 5 and 6 year olds dressed in all white, 5 days a week. Year after year they would hold a meeting to vote on whether or not we should change the uniform, and every single year they would vote to keep it. I let out a loud "Woo-hoo!" when they finally changed the uniform to something more practical the year Jack started kindergarten. :P

  3. ugh... my kid just has to wear white shirts and THAT ALONE is a killer. Really? WHITE?