Friday, October 9, 2009

Beggars, Boots, and Boredom

I decided the blog needed a new look.  You know how women are.  If we aren't changing our hair color, or trying on a 1000 pairs of shoes before MAYBE buying one pair, then we are trying to redesign or redecorate everything.

And speaking of shoes, there are as many boot stores for men as there are shoe stores for women in Mexico.  Maybe more.  This isn't just a local area thing.  I was in Durango a couple years ago and I think there were MORE shoe stores for men than women. The boots come in all kinds of colors too.  I saw hot pink boots in Durango and I thought they were for women. But NO!  They were men's boots.  Please tell me what self-respecting macho Mexican man would ever wear hot pink boots?  If I ever see a Mexican man wearing hot pink boots, it's certain his photo will show up on this blog.  It isn't enough that the men's boots are hot pink or lime green or have diamond-shaped patterns, but they accessorize with a matching belt and a Panama hat with a scorpion logo.  If you see such a man dressed in this manner, he's ready to party!

I'm used to see beggars on the street near the bus station or in the center, but tonight was a first for me.  A woman and small child were going door-to-door begging.  I saw the woman across the street give her some food.  Mexicans are not short on empathy.  They willingly give a few pesos to the poor mother with a child that is disabled or the old man in the wheelchair. The cynic in me just hopes the money isn't going home to the old man so he can buy beer.


  1. I love the new look, you know I have recently found that rearranging furniture helps keep the bug life down. If I see one in a room that room gets striped down and rearrange. Which is cool because Iv always liked doing this sort of thing and now I have the time to do it.
    In my town its not shoes but cloths, This area of Mexico is all about them. They are made here and for some reason that doesn't make them cheaper just abundant. Even after as long as Iv lived here I cant figure out how these places stay afloat there are so many and most of them exactly the same. Some of the papalerias even sell cloths.
    Im a cynic when it comes to beggers to but its because I see stuff like the lady who sits holding an infant asking for money for formula with an empty bottle next to here. But then I saw her nursing the child. Who knows maybe she drying up and really needs the formula but also some days we see a 3 year old running and playing around her and others we don't, so where is the 3 yr old on days shes not there? Sometimes they honestly just make more money this way than they would if they got a job here. Begging is there job and they go home to a house.

  2. i like the new look as well. I used to live in piedras and they boots/shoes stores were all over the place! As for the beggars..i have a heart but nowadays you just never know if they really need the money or not so i would rather be safe than sorry but that's just me.

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