Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Purpose of the Blog and Gun Battles of Reynosa

A friend of mine told me that my blog was full of complaining.  I was shocked to hear this.  Blogging was not to be an outlet of complaints. Maybe my title I Must Be Crazy To Live In Mexico might have something to do with the negative connotation. There's a story about that.  When I was trying to create the blog and had to create a name, it took me a dozen tries to find something that wasn't already taken.  I think the title came out of frustration to find something original.

I thought many of my 16 posts were positive or at least funny.  OK, I realize funny is a subjective term.  What may be funny to me may not be funny to you.  But I wrote about my wanting to teach in Mexico, my birthday party, classroom rules, school elections, and posted a really cute photo of another teacher leading the kindergarten class.  Nothing negative there.  I asked a question about something I saw in the city center with skulls and tarot cards wanting to know what it was that I saw.  Just curiosity.  No complaints.  OK, I concede it might sound complainish (is that a word?) when I wrote of the creepy, dirty old man who wanted to kiss my legs.  That's just gross and disgusting.  And so are cockroaches.

The two main purposes for writing the blog are to inform my family of my daily life and to let anyone who is interested in living or working what it is really like to live here.  I am 1350 miles away from my loved ones.  If anyone is interested in moving to Mexico, they should make a well-informed decision and not just by reading my blog but looking at other sources as well.   I do have positive things to write about living here in Reynosa which I will soon.  Unfortunately, today is not soon.

With all of that said, there is something I want to post here.  Two weeks ago, I would have told you that I felt fairly safe here in Reynosa.  I'm afraid I can't say that at the moment.  There have been two gun battles in two weeks between the soldiers and the bad guys.  Finding news and information has been difficult.  It seems everyone is tight-lipped.  One of the teachers at the school was a witness to the latest gun battle last Saturday.  Luckily the teacher was able to run for cover inside the HEB where they locked the doors and everyone hid in the aisles.  This is the same HEB where I've shopped several times.  Across the street at Carls, Jr., a hamburger joint, the restaurant was peppered with bullet holes including the playground area for the children.

To my family:  I am fine.  I don't go out at night.  I don't go the bars.  I'm not even drinking much more than a beer or two in the comfort of my own home or at a friend's home.  I will find another HEB to shop.  Apparently the HEB I used to frequent is next to a hotel where the federal police have been staying.  I'll be careful.  Don't worry.  Just think of it this way...   We all go to Chicago but there are certain areas where we don't go to, right?  Well, there are certain areas to stay away from in Reynosa too.  The areas would be any place where the soldiers are coming. And if I see the soldiers coming, I'll run the opposite direction.

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  1. This is so scary, I'm so glad we are far far away from any action. Some may think a small town is boring but that is fine with me. I think its great you are there teaching the children. Obviously they need you. Like you said about Chicago just stay away from the bad areas and don't go out after dark. Thanks for this information. And just so you know Iv loved reading your blog and thought it was quite interesting keep posting odd ball things and asking questions. Not only do most of us like to answer but if we don't know the answer its something we want to know. Funny that sounds like something a teacher would say.