Friday, October 16, 2009

Driving Test

To get a Mexican driver's license, please answer the following questions correctly.

When driving in Mexico, the yellow dotted line on the road is:
A. the divider between traffic travelling in opposite directions.
B. to show you where to position your car so you can straddle it in the center for miles on end as a permanent passing lane.

The right side of the white dotted line that is only wide enough for a micro compact car is for:
A. parking emergencies only.
B. the slower traffic lane.

Use of a left turn signal by the car in front of you means:
A. impending left turn.
B. it is the driver's esteemed opinion that it is safe to pass him even though there is an impending 90 degree turn in the road and he is going 70 MPH.

If you answered B to all questions, then you are on your way to qualifying as a driver in Mexico.  Some other rules include having the ability to create your own lane within a millimeter between two cars, using stop signs as suggestions and pulling out in front of other traffic.  The most important thing I've learned about driving in Mexico is that it isn't so critical to obey traffic laws.  It's more important to watch what other drivers are doing so you can avoid them.  One last item that grates my gills about driving in Mexico is the crappy, or lack thereof, road signs.  Especially since people park in any direction on the street, I never know for sure if I am driving the wrong way down a one-way street.

I could go on and on about the potholes the size of meteor craters or the "topes" AKA speedbumps to control traffic, but that is entirely a new post in itself. In fact, these topics may require their own blog.


  1. Road signs..whats that? No street signs either...makes it impossible to give i've figured this out...the plp here go by rocks and trees...rather than street signs.
    Rocks and trees...rather would be stores and buildings, old cars with no tires, dirt roads, restaurants, gas stations. I'm sure i'm leaving some things out!

  2. Don't worry about the oneways... given a different time of day, or traffic situation, the flow of traffic will reverse on said streets anyway. My personal faves are 1)when the middle lane of three disappears while you are in it and 2)The Back-Up Game wherein drivers will go in reverse the wrong way up an on ramp to avoid the jam on the highway ahead.

  3. The sad thing is I'm so use to all these things now I'm as bad as the rest of the Mexican. I have to renew my lic while in the states and I had let in expire so I'm going to have to do both tests over. I hope I can remember how to drive like an American for the test.

  4. OMG - driving in Cancun is getting worse and worse as the population is growing rapidly! 5 years ago I had no problem driving around - heck I even attempted operating a scooter...Only to get the finger and my friend wouldn't let me practice any more! LOL! Now, I make hubby do all the dificult driving at peak times, and I take care of the rest! Rules - who needs 'em! Just kidding!