Monday, October 19, 2009

Help! Someone stole all the toilet seats!

I'd like to know what's up with missing toilet seats in Mexico?  The first time I went to Durango, Mexico in December 2007, I found it rare to find a toilet with an actual toilet seat.  OK, one might argue, "Who wants to sit on a toilet seat in Mexico? Or in any public restroom in the USA?"  True enough.  But I've found that this doesn't only occur in public restrooms but in private homes as well.  Sergio lives in Mexico City and I've been to several of his siblings' homes that lack toilet seats.  In Sergio's rented apartment, he did not have a toilet seat until I insisted that I spring the $15 for one.  Oh, my God, he has a daughter.  How could he possibly expect his daughter to live without a toilet seat?  A long time ago I read a blog that taught women how to prepare to pee in Mexico.  Do leg squats to build thigh muscles so you can hover your butt over the toilet seat in a semi-squat position while pulling the crotch of your pants forward so you don't pee all over them.

While I'm on the subject about toilets, what's up with the toilet paper?  I'm not talking about the lack of toilet paper in the stalls.  That's a given.  It's BYOTP in many places or in some places it is rationed out at the entrance for a small fee. I'm talking about the signs in the stalls requesting that the toilet paper be thrown into the trash bin so it is not flushed.  Eeeewww! I understand the reasoning.... poor plumbing and substandard sewers.  But that doesn't make it more palatable. (OK, that's a gross choice of word considering I am talking about used toilet paper!)  Since the signs are usually in Spanish, maybe this is another good time to pretend I do not understand Spanish and happily flush the toilet paper away without a care in the world.  Especially since my landlord, who only speaks Spanish, told me to be sure I don't flush the toilet paper.  I just smiled and said, "Si."


  1. Same thing on Crete. I guess they've never heard of toilet paper for septic tank use. I think the reality is, they don't want to have to dredge out the septic tank because it's full of toilet paper and other hygiene products. They normally have a truck with a large tank and pump show up to suck the contents of the underground tank into the tank on the truck. Anything impeding the flow or clogging the pump turns out to cost a lot more because the truck operator gets the fun task of clearing the clog.

    For real fun, you need to go to the "outback" of Korea. They have "bomb drop" unisex toilets. Google "korean toilet" images. No sitting allowed, it's all done with a squat. Combine those with open sewers (I did say the outback...) on a hot summer day and it gets your olfactory nerves in a powerfully stimulated state. Of course we know a rose by any other name would still smell sweet, but inverting the rose's aroma is more like a hot day in the Korean summer.

  2. LOL on "palatable." :P

    It's the same in Monterrey - must be country wide :P BUT !! I've never seen it in someones HOME! Gaahhh THAT would suck, just wow.

  3. OMG! Gas stations are the worse...or grocery stores....yes..dont forget your toilet papar...My MIL always carries a roll around with her...I couldnt understand I do!

  4. Hahaha - How many times have I asked myself hte same thing - where's the toilet seat? I have to admit I've never witnessed the lack of toilet seats in homes, but I have in almost EVERY public restroom!!! WTF! LOL!

    Oh well....When I was in europe this summer... I had to use a hole in a floor...there were atleast foot grips for my shoes, LOL. Thanks! Yes, and if you're wearing open toe or flip flops - watch out and bring some extra TP for your feet. EWWWW

  5. I am from Mexico and i've been living some time in Europe, so i was also shocked about the toilet here (specially on the places where they don't have a toilet but just a hole in the floor). I do not why but in Mexico we do not flush the TP, now i know that is stupid cos the TP is meant to be flushed, so i will teach my family when i go back there. About toilet seats, yeah is true that some percentage do not have seat, but well you use TP to cover up the toilet before seating. So don't care about the signs and flush your TP in Mexico, nothing's gonna happen.