Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm a POW

I am a prisoner of war.   

I returned to Reynosa last weekend after the funeral of my sister. I was thinking of blogging about something fun like the donkey carts on the streets.  Maybe next time.  I was sitting on the sofa eating dinner at 6:45 tonight and watching TV when I heard something that sounded like gun shots and explosions.  It was warm today so I've got all the windows and door open.  So I turned off the TV and listened for about 5 minutes.  I heard something like another explosion.  But around here you never know if it's a car backfiring.  Fast forward about an hour when I get a call from my contact who works for Mexican customs and claims to be in-the-know. He tells me to stay in the house and do not go out.  Geeeeeeezus!

I am now on the computer tuned into our only news source.... Twitter.  Everyone is twittering that there is a gun battle down at the SMart on Morelos, just a few blocks from here.  Yup, I am sure I heard it. 

We kept hoping it will get better.  It isn't. I am polishing my resume.


  1. Glad you're ok, girl!

    Hope this doesn't have to do with the drug issues you'd posted about before. :S

  2. Oh, yeah, it does. It is the Drug Cartel and the gang called Zetas mixed in with soldiers and Mexican marines. The are shooting each other and sometimes others who get in the way.

  3. You really should get the resume out, I know there are much safer areas of Mexico that you can teach at.