Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Note To All...THANK YOU!

I shouldn't write this while I am so tired because I am afraid I am going to forget someone.  There have been a lot of wonderful people who have been awesome helping our family during our time of sorrow.  To everyone who wrote, emailed, called, blogged, facebooked, came to the visitation, funeral or stopped by the house I want to say THANK YOU!  There are too many of you to thank individually.  The amount of food that people dropped off could have fed an army.  We didn't need to cook much all week.  Lynn had many friends and family that loved her.  There are literally hundreds of people that were personally touched by Lynn.   

Thank you Judy Avis and daughter Paulette Hearn.  You both are true friends through thick and thin.  I know it means a lot to my mom that you both were there for her during a most difficult time.  To Lynn's friends that have been there forever like Amy Adams-Whitaker and Teresa Beers, you guys are the best.  The memorial at Buffalo Wild Wings was very touching. Thank you Amy for helping me pick out the music.  The song "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me will always be a special memory for me.  I don't know if I can listen to the song in the future without crying.  I didn't know Amanda Tandle but she is the creator of the facebook page RIP Lynn Culberson-Mota and Amy and Teresa are the administrators. So many message have been left on Lynn's facebook page and her tribute page, I still haven't had time to read them all. Andrew's friend, Sarah Rosales, age 10, sang the most beautiful version of "I Will Remember You".  Girl, you have a beautiful voice. When you are old enough to quit your day job, go for it.  You can sing professionally. Thank you to my cousins Sherry, Candi, Dona and Jordin for coming from Missouri and Pennsylvania.  Everytime we are together I laugh and laugh.  How many Culbersons does it take to figure out how to set up a television?  The entire class and several instructors from Northeast Iowa Community College came for the visitation and funeral.  Wow!  Thank you to Kimmy Sloman who read the beautiful poem that she posted on Lynn's facebook.   Thank you Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Dean for finding the poem on Lynn's facebook and bringing it to our attention. A special thank you to Scott Reggentin, Lynn's study buddy and close ally in the nursing program.  Your stories about Lynn will keep me going for a long time. Please keep in touch.  

Last, but most important, my nephews Andrew and Alex, you deserve the biggest thank you. You two have been very brave facing the death of your mother.  Remember, your Aunt Deana said your mom's spirit will live on your hearts. Nothing will ever take that away from you. 

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  1. I'm glad you got the chance to see all the blessings, family and friends you have during this tough situation. What a great support group! :) Saludos